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What we do


We provide a comprehensive range of services to help expats achieve their lifestyle goals and manage their wealth.



Lifestyle Financial Planning

It all starts with listening.  In order to ignite YOUR passion for personal finance, we first need to find your 'why'.  Tell us what you hope to achieve out of life.  Tell us what your hopes and dreams are for yourself and your family. We'll look at what your current financial situation is and then build you a plan which will help you reach your long-term goals.

Life never works out like a linear plan, so we will be your ongoing trusted advisor to continually adapt your plan as life throws up unforeseen changes.

Another key element of the financial plan is to make sure you are adequately protected to still succeed even in the event of premature death, disability or medical crisis. We do that by doing  thorough review of your current insurance policies and world-wide estate planning to ensure that your assets are given to your intended beneficiaries in an efficient manner.


Investment Management

Your financial plan will indicate the amount of risk that you need to take, if any, to fund your desired lifestyle.  We will also help you understand your ability and willingness to take risk - both of us need to sleep well at night!

Our in-house investment team use an evidence-based approach to craft appropriate investment solutions to meet you goals.  This might result in multiple portfolio's to match different needs and time horizons - such as a house deposit in 5 years, your child's education in 10 years, or retirement in 20 years.

The recommended implementation will also take into account any tax planning that is required.

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Not your typical expat financial advisor.

We believe our approach is refreshingly unique within the region:

1.     We focus on advice not selling product: most expat financial advisory firms provide no true financial planning. We separate advice from products.

2.     Our fees are transparent: we charge a fixed fee and receive no commissions. We strongly believe it is difficult for an advisor not to be conflicted in their product advice if they receive commissions.

3.     Our investment approach is academically led: we have Nobel Prize winning economists on our team combined with low-cost tracker funds. Most other firms use expensive actively managed funds that generally generate inferior returns.

For too long expats have been targeted by financial sales people selling products that have high fees, unnecessary structures and expensive funds that under-perform for you in the long term.

We don’t take commissions, we don’t sell products. We are different.

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A surprisingly enjoyable process.

Five steps to ignite your financial potential

Our robust 5-step Financial Ignition Process is designed to be enjoyable, inspirational and eye-opening. We'll spend a lot of time together understanding exactly what you want from your future, hearing all about your long-term plans and learning about what your current financial situation looks like. Only once we have a full picture of your plans and your finances do we prepare our recommendations and action plan.

The ongoing behavioural coaching will help keep you on track over the long-term. 


1. Introductory Meeting

Here we will get to know each other. Are we the right partner for you? Are you the right client for us?


2. Discovery Meeting

This is when we will talk about your long-term plans for your money. What are you hoping to achieve from life?

You will also share with us what you current financial situation is.


3. Current State Report

We will assess everything you have shared with us and report back on the gap between where you are now financially and where you want to be.


4. Action Plan & Recommendations

Working with our Solutions & Investment Team , we will present you with a customised plan that will help you reach your financial goals. 


5. Ongoing Support

In addition to reviewing your plan on an annual basis,  we'll provide ongoing behavioural coaching to keep you on track.

Think of Ignite as your personal CFO.

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Our Investing Approach

Our approach to investing focuses on three main principles:

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