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Financial Planning for Expats - Done Differently.

Max Keeling, Head of Ignite Expat Wealth

Welcome to Ignite Expat Wealth.

Ignite Expat Wealth offers a comprehensive range of financial coaching, planning and investing services for expats. 

We hope to offer a different experience to other expat financial advisers in the region - one that puts your life goals at the centre of your financial plans. 

Our focus is putting a meaningful and powerful plan in place before discussing investment products with you.

Our investing solutions are all evidence-based and cost-efficient to ensure you are keeping your overal costs as low as possible.

And we work on on fee-only basis and never take commissions for products, which is uncommon for the region.

Talk to us and experience financial planning like it's meant to be.

Some free financial planning resources for you


Expat Wealth Guide

Get your free copy of the Ignite Expat Wealth Guide - a simplified guide to personal finances for expats who want to ignite their wealth.

The Ignite Blog

Head over to the blog for regular articles from Max and other financial experts on all aspects of financial planning, coaching and investing.


How we can help you

Our Typical Clients

Who do we work with? What kinds of situations can we help you with?

Our Planning Process

Life first, investing second. How we build an inspiring plan for you based on your long-term dreams for you and your family.

Our Investing Approach

How we invest your money - evidence-based and low-cost.

Our Relationship with Providend

Ignite is part of Providend Ltd - we provide ethical financial coaching, planning and investing for expats in Singapore. You can learn more about our relationship with Providend here.

Ignite provides all of the client facing services such as financial coaching and life-centered financial planning.

Providend support us with their combined decades of experience in building financial plans, implementing robust investment solutions, and of course, legal and compliance oversight.

All of of Ignite's financial plans for you will be scrutinised to ensure they meet CFP standards.

And a dedicated professional investment team will design evidence-based investment and cost-efficient portfolios to help you reach your goals.


Meet the team

Meet the people who will ignite your passion for personal finance and help you reach your desired lifestyle goals.

Ignite Core Values

The Ignite difference

We are different from other financial salespeople in the region. Read about our guiding principles and how they shape how we work.