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We believe great financial planning can change your life.

Welcome to Ignite - a fee-only financial coaching, planning and investing advisory service working with expats in Singapore.  For too long, expats in the region have been underserved by commission-based investment salespeople. Ignite seeks to change this. We do things differently.

We take clients through a meaningful and inspiring financial planning process to fully engage you with your financial future.  Our investing process is driven by academic principles and implemented using low-cost funds to give you the best chance of reaching or maintaining your desired lifestyle.  

We strive to ignite a life-long passion for personal finance within you. Work with us and experience financial planning as it should be.

Ignite is part of Providend Pte Ltd - see here for more about our relationship.

Meet Ignite

Fee-only financial advisor for expats

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How we can help you

Our financial services for expats in Singapore


Our Typical Clients

Who do we work with? What kinds of situations can we help you with?

Our Planning Process

Life first, investing second. How DO we build an inspiring plan for you?

Our Investing Approach

evidence-based and cost- Efficient.How we invest your money?


Expat Wealth Guide

Get your free copy of the Ignite Expat Wealth Guide - a simplified guide to personal finances for expats who want to ignite their wealth.

The Ignite Blog

Head over to the blog for regular articles from Max and other financial experts on all aspects of financial planning, coaching and investing.


Meet the team

Meet the people who will ignite your passion for personal finance and help you reach your desired lifestyle goals.

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The Ignite difference

We are different from other financial salespeople in the region. Read about our guiding principles and how they shape how we work.

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