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Max Keeling, ACA

Founder and and Chief Expat Advisor


About Me: The Full Story

I didn’t start off being a financial advisor.

I am a Chartered Accountant and had a corporate career for over 17 years, mostly in Financial Services. I started off at KPMG and have spent 10 years with Barclays Bank, 6 of which was in Singapore at the Investment Bank.

I’ve actively invested my own money for 15 years across tracker funds, share trading, buy to let properties and direct business investment.  I obsessively read any books and blogs I can on investing and personal finance, but more importantly how to design my life and lifestyle and align my finances to that plan.

In 2016 I started to help other expats understand how they could make the most of their own money, and soon realized I am more enthusiastic about personal finance and spreadsheets than most people! That was the genesis of providing financial coaching as 'The Investing Coach' and 'Expat Investing Coach'. 

I started to seek out the world’s best financial advisors to improve my own skills but also help my clients who wanted professional help rather than being shown how to 'Do-It-Yourself'.

I met and interviewed lots of other financial advisors, and soon realized I am more enthusiastic about financial planning, investing and spreadsheets than most financial advisors!

It started to be clear that there is large gap in the market in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and the Middle East.  Finding a truly independent financial advisory firm that follows my principles is like mining for gold.

In 2017 I started to take my regulatory exams in the UK and Singapore, partially to improve my technical knowledge (I told you I’m WAY more into this stuff than most), and partially because I knew that if I could find the right partner and opportunity I could really make a difference to people’s lives.

So my service offering is totally unique and is designed with you in mind:

  • I believe true life and financial planning can change and improve your life
  • I believe you need a financial plan before you invest anything. The investment approach should just be tools and tactics to achieve a grander plan.
  • I’ve worked in professional services firms and banks and I deeply understand the nuances that brings to your life.
  • I’ve assembled a world class team to work for you, not for commission.

However I have a much deeper WHY driving me to help other people.  Watch the video on this page to learn more.

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