Our Advisory Process

1. Introductory meeting

If we both want to proceed after this meeting then we will give you a checklist to guide you on the documents to bring and prepare.

2. Discovery Meeting

b.     The meeting is for us to understand what you want to achieve in your life and your lifestyle goals.  Don’t worry if you are not sure what that is because our process is designed to help.

We will also get a clear picture of your current financial situations and financial needs.

3. Your Current State

We will then work on the information and prepare a report for you. In this report, we will provide a consolidation of your insurance portfolio, your income & expenditure, your asset & liabilities position, run some ratios to assess your financial health, and most importantly, do a gap analysis on your goals.

At this point, we will know the scope of your needs and will present you the letter of engagement stating clearly the scope of work and the fees involved for the planning work.

Once you have given us the go-ahead, we will proceed to prepare our recommendations for you to take care of the gaps in your plan and achieve your goals.

4. Recommendation and Action Plan

We will then present our Recommendations and Action plan to you. Once we have agreed on the course of action, we will assist to implement your plans.

5.     Ongoing Support

After the action plan is implemented we will meet up with you as required, but as a minimum once a year.

These reviews are critical as its when we will continually update your life and financial plan because, as we know, life is not a straight line and things change.

We will update all of your financial information and review all your investments to see if you are still on track.  And we can make tweaks as we go along.

The key element is that we hold you accountable to implement you plan and coach you along the way. And honestly, this is the part of the process that clients find the most life changing.