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Say hello to Ignite


We are a group of experienced and passionate financial experts who are driven by helping you reach your lifestyle goals.


Max Keeling

Founder & Chief Expat Advisor

Max is the heart of Ignite. He provides all client facing activity. He will be your main contact at Ignite. 

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Why does Ignite exist?

A Message from Max:

"I’ve been providing financial coaching to senior expats across Singapore, Hong Kong and the Middle East since 2016 as the ‘Expat Investing Coach’. However, I continually found it difficult to find credible advisors to refer my clients on to, so I decided to build my own solution from scratch.

I searched across the whole region to find a world-class partner that had the same values and ethics as myself.  I also interviewed the world’s best financial advisors from the US and UK to help me determine the criteria. 

That criteria was:

  • Focus on financial planning not investments
  • Using only low-cost tracker funds, not actively managed funds
  • Charges transparent fixed fees only and does not get remunerated by commissions
  • Uses evidence-based investing
  • Has access to Dimensional Fund Advisor (DFA) products

There was one clear winner. That partner is Providend.

They were the first ‘fee only’ advisor in Singapore in 2001 which was met with a lot of scepticism within the industry. They even refund insurance commissions back to the client – this was considered unheard of then.

They focus on understanding clients needs and holistic financial needs before recommending a product solution. And only ever use evidence-based investing combined with low-cost tracker funds.

I knew they were the right firm for me.

Providend's current clientele consists of mainly Singaporeans, so when I met CEO, Christopher Tan, we discussed the issues in the expat segment. Following this discussion, an agreement was formed to try and expand their services and provide a long overdue credible choice.

The Providend Difference

Providend Honour 

How Our Partnership Works:

I provide the client facing element of Ignite, given my unique position in the market to understand your situation and passion for lifestyle financial coaching.

Providend provide their combined decades of experience in building financial plans, implementing robust investment solutions, and of course, legal and compliance oversight.

All of financial plans will be scrutinised to ensure they meet the CFP standards.

A dedicated professional investment team will design evidence-based investment portfolios."

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The Team

Max is well-supported by an experienced team at Providend. Providend have been providing independent financial planning and investment solutions for 15 years. They were the first firm in Singapore to offer fee-only services, instead of commission-based. Providend share the same values and investing philiosphy as Ignite and we are proud to be part of the Providend family.

Key Team Members

Christopher Tan

CEO of Providend

Chris provides Ignite with guidance on the overall business with a special emphasis on our guiding values.

Chris has been disrupting the local advice market since 2001, and is fired up to do the same in the expat space.

Evelyn Goh

Chief Advisory Officer

Evelyn oversees all our financial plans and ensures our client experience is best in market.

Evelyn has been advising affluent individuals for decades which will add significant value to Ignite clients.

Cheng Chye Hsern Providend Ignite

Cheng Chye Hsern

Head, Solutions & Investments Team

Chye is responsible for designing our clients investment solutions using best in class instruments.

Chye shares Max's passion for evidence-based investing.


Learn more about Providend here.

If you want to understand more about the Providend-Ignite relationship or want to talk to Max about why he decided to become a expat-focussed financial planner then get in touch.